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Flying High

Image|Bob CuthillDeadlines are important to be met, so whilst you're sitting in that traffic jam in the stinking heat running half an hour late for that all important meeting Scott and Bob are already half way to Ballarat to put up the finishing touches to the Queen Unseen Exhibition at the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery of Victoria.
A much better view from up here wouldn't you agree?

Stick it out there.

Image| Bob Cuthill.A stocky run of UV printed laminated stickers were needed for 'Bike Interceptor'adhered to the compact Interceptor units which plug into your motor bike's original connectors which help deliver class leading performance... visit them here to see what I'm talking about.
So now you know we not only make signs we also digitally print stickers. No job is too small so send your ideas our way and we can have your stickers manufactured in a jiffy.

Direct traffic to your business.

A-frames are just one of the many ways you can guide potential customers to your door. Maybe your business needs more direction! an A-frame on a sidewalk may well be the answer.
KX Pilates have the right idea! offering your first pilates class FREE! Advertise advertise advertise stand out from the crowd, get those customers through your door.

Pre-season kick off

images|Bob Cuthill.
It's gearing up for that time of the year again. It's the kick-off to the AFL's Pre-season, this enormous promotional goal post looks impressive with the hand painted AFL logo. Nice work boys!
Sign writing with a brush or a keyboard? We really are your one stop shop.

Making an impact.

Image| Forty Five Downstairs.
The lovely Abby from FortyFiveDownstairs here in Melbourne, offers an evocative urban space and a friendly, hands-on, personalised service to an eclectic mix of artists for theatre, visual arts, forum, music and dance events. You can check out what's on here.
Above; vinyl cut lettering applied to a stark white wall. The use of white space creates a feeling of sophistication and elegance.
There really is no job too small. Are you holding an exhibition? Do you need to liven up your space? Give us a call! we'd love to be apart of the fun.

Fashionably Trim

Fresh off our OCE printer are these full coloured digital prints— Novo's seasonal campaign. Stewie trims the girls into shape ready for installation. As fashion changes so do our signs.

A Swarm of Bee Site Signs.

Today we produced a swarm of Bee-site signs for DSE (Department of Sustainability and Environment).
These were printed on our OCE GT-350 flatbed UV printer, making them virtually vandal proof.

A Week in pictures at MSC

We had a big week this week, no different to any other week really; here is only half of what we got up to and that's not including the off-the-hook phone calls from clients requesting signs of all shapes and sizes. from top to bottom: The Queen Unseen Archive at the Art Gallery of Ballarat, go and see it! it looks amazing.Novo were after some more high-res digital prints for their seasonal internal displays.We also installed the new corporate id for 'The Art Gallery of Ballarat'Maple Street Early Learning Centre were after a couple of banners to let parents know that they were taking enrolments for their kindergarten.Melbourne Uni Student Union required a new illuminated cubed information sign, she lights up a treat.Palms Pharmacy- situated in sunny Coffs Harbour invested in seasonal promotion signage. Looks great!

The importance of colour

Colour is the first thing we register when we are assessing anything and we make an immediate response to it before anything else. Colour is one of the most effective tools that can be used to make an impact, and this applies to all aspects of what MSC have to offer. I have read that psychologists have suggested that colour impression can account for 60% of the acceptance or rejection of any product or service. Above is a swatch book of all different vinyl films. When considering giving your business a boost ask the friendly staff at MSC about getting a sign made that will make you stand out from the crowd. Visit our website for a more detailed look at what we can offer. In the meantime I'm off to take some more pictures to share with you.


Today we received a brief from the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) one of our many valued clients asking for routed directional signs as part of the roll out for the fire effected area's around Marysville. The routed signs were painted with an earthy orange coat of paint. The signs look impressive against a bushy green outlook.
To take into consideration the design team at MSC chose a font that was; clear, concise and legible—remembering that kerning is a very important element in producing beautiful typography. Bad kerning results in bad signage.

OCE Flatbed UV Printer

::MSC:: have joined the new wave of printing, with todays standards and high demands we certainly are ahead of the game. Since the purchase of our OCE 350GT UV flatbed printer with roll to roll printing on 1.6m wide flexible media business has never been better. Printing on most ridged substrates the 2500x1250 flatbed will complete a ripped job in no time, so you can only imagine the turn around. A wise investment to bring MSC signs into the forefront.
If it's quality you 're after look no further.
Give us a call today to discuss your needs.